Who rules Software Platforms?

February 22, 2010 at 11:57 am Leave a comment

Free or licensed?

The quintessential software debate!

A battle between promoters of free software platforms and those who advocate for licensed software – has been played out in various formats across time, continents and cyberspace.

However, yet again, the stage was set for another round of who rules software platforms – right here at Amplify Mindware.

Select students picked their teams and set out to defend their ideologies – all of course rated and monitored by faculty members and the rest of the student body.

Every Technology Manager is posed with a question in his/her mind – Whether to choose proprietary and licensed software for reliability, service assurance though costly, or to choose an open-source due to flexibility, low-cost though sometimes difficult due to lack of service, support and documentation.

So, whether enhanced GUI and windowing convenience is more preferable in case of Microsoft Windows and Macintosh OS, or the robustness and security of Linux OS, is always a question of trade-off!

Proprietary and licensed software business is definitely flourishing, but Open-Source software and projects have the benefit of parallel and open community development, hence constantly striving for better competition; Service pays in Open-Source.

So lines are drawn, the platform is Desktops, Servers, Mobiles and once again the technologists are getting ready to debate whether Open-Source or Proprietary/Licensed software is best for these platforms! So, it is Sun vs Oracle, Microsoft vs RedHat, Mac vs fedora, Windows Mobile vs Symbian … who is successful from business and technology perspectives? So, get ready to witness one of the biggest wars in IT/software industry!

Which side are you on?

Free? or Licensed?



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