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My life at Amplify!!

I always dreamt of being on a ship, away from home and exploring new places. For realizing my dream, I knew one thing for sure : I have to work hard and I have to get myself an International Business Management degree from a top notch Institute.

In course of my search for institutes offering International Business Management programs, I realized, there are only 12 institutes in India who offer such a course. After screening through various institutes, Amplify Mindware seemed to grab my attention. One of the reasons why I found Amplify as the most suitable option, was on account of its association with Bharati Vidyapeeth, which according to me, is a brand by itself. Also, Amplify seemed to provide a balanced mix of education as well extra curricular activities, which I felt would be an asset for me . I made an application to Amplify, and soon after, I received their e- mail, confirming my admission, based on my MAT score. I was was highly thrilled at securing this opportunity

Soon after joining Amplify, I developed a liking for its friendly atmosphere. One of the best things at Amplify were its various round-the-year events. Cultural events, quiz sessions, industry visits, participation in various national and international programmes……..all were fun at Amplify. Also I found that be it colleagues or room mates or be it faculty members or the canteen staff….we are all one big family..

Apart from this, I loved to be a part of the various competitions held at Amplify. I was a part of the National Presentation Competition, where we (Amplify students) stood fifth! It was a great exposure for me. The competitive experience was simply amazing!! I got to learn various things like how to present oneself and how to compete in a positive manner. These two things actually helped me to build my confidence which I proudly flaunt today. With a chance of participating in these events , one tends to leave behind ones introvert image and that is exactly what happened with me. Today I am a more confident person than before. All thanks to Amplify!!

As far as the faculty in concerned, I believe that they play the most important part in shaping one’s career. I just adore and love them all. I won’t be biased as to who is my favorite teacher because I think that all my professors are equally responsible for my growth and in making me more knowledgeable. I highly respect them all and think that Amplify faculty is incomparable!!

Wish to be a part of Amplify??

(Based on an interview with Kedar Gosavi, candidate for PGD International Business Management, Amplify DITM)



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Graduation caps fly in the air!!

Joyfully tossing the graduation caps in the air, ex-students of Amplify Mindware made the most of their convocation day! The lanes of the Campus were filled with joy and laughter; every student seemed to be enthused about the ceremony. The maroon colored robes and caps stood out from the rest of the crowd.  The bright, almost gaudy color suited the mood of the occasion perfectly.

Where are you working? What’s your designation like? These were the typical questions that Amplify students asked their recently graduated friends. Almost all ex-students had bagged good jobs in leading companies in India. Professors of the graduating class were seen praising their students with pride.

After the ceremony, students had mixed emotions – some had tears of joy and happiness, from meeting their friends and the reality of being a graduate. On the other hand, some had tears of sadness rolling down their cheeks, from missing the strong attachments and bonding they had built up over the years at Amplify!!

Here is a video of an ex-student, Milli Bhaumick who studied Telecom Management. She shares with us the entire journey and the experiences of being at AMPLIFY MINDWARE.

Video: Milli Bhaumick.


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Who rules Software Platforms?

Free or licensed?

The quintessential software debate!

A battle between promoters of free software platforms and those who advocate for licensed software – has been played out in various formats across time, continents and cyberspace.

However, yet again, the stage was set for another round of who rules software platforms – right here at Amplify Mindware.

Select students picked their teams and set out to defend their ideologies – all of course rated and monitored by faculty members and the rest of the student body.

Every Technology Manager is posed with a question in his/her mind – Whether to choose proprietary and licensed software for reliability, service assurance though costly, or to choose an open-source due to flexibility, low-cost though sometimes difficult due to lack of service, support and documentation.

So, whether enhanced GUI and windowing convenience is more preferable in case of Microsoft Windows and Macintosh OS, or the robustness and security of Linux OS, is always a question of trade-off!

Proprietary and licensed software business is definitely flourishing, but Open-Source software and projects have the benefit of parallel and open community development, hence constantly striving for better competition; Service pays in Open-Source.

So lines are drawn, the platform is Desktops, Servers, Mobiles and once again the technologists are getting ready to debate whether Open-Source or Proprietary/Licensed software is best for these platforms! So, it is Sun vs Oracle, Microsoft vs RedHat, Mac vs fedora, Windows Mobile vs Symbian … who is successful from business and technology perspectives? So, get ready to witness one of the biggest wars in IT/software industry!

Which side are you on?

Free? or Licensed?


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Innovation in Management: Learn how!

On December 6, 2009, Amplify Mindware is bringing together the best minds in the field for an HR Conclave on ‘Management by Innovation’.

All the big guns including; Microsoft * SAP * Reliance * Alfalaval *PMI * The Oakwood * Synechron * QED * Finolex Group * Cognizant * Reliance Infocom * HUL * Standard Chartered Bank * Kotak Mahindra and others, will be participating in the Conclave.

The forum will address two vital issues –

a. Economic impact on human resource functions in GenNext

b. ”Innovations” a key driver for 21st Century Organization

Keynote Speakers include celebrities like  Mrs. Lila Poonawalla, Dr. Mrs. Kiran Bedi and the sessions will be chaired by  Mr. P. P. Chhabria and Mr. Christopher Beninger.

Delegates attending the conference will be CXO’s from across Pune & Mumbai based organizations,  Directors & Heads of HR, Delivery Heads and Project Heads across Industry.

This one day event will take place at The Pride, in Pune from 9:00am to 5:00pm. Those interested in participating can contact Amplify Mindware directly via email: or call Padma Iyenger (9225545958) and Ritesh Kumar (9860882444) to RSVP for the same.


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BVU students bag 5th place in a National-level competition

Business School Affaire started the Dewang Mehta Business School Award 16 years ago. The award is in recognition of leadership, development, innovation and industry interface of Business schools.

The event took place for the 17th time on 5th November, 2009 at Taj Lands End, Mumbai . Since, the Dewang Mehta Business Award recognizes talent and leadership amongst Business Schools across India – there was wide representation from all corners of the country. Amplify Mindware was among this set of schools attending the event.

B-school students participated in several national level contests, at this event, each trying to put their best foot forward. Contests included;

  • Best placement brochure
  • Paper Presentation Contest (Research Based)
  • Theme: “The India Brand Story – Connecting, Engaging and Inspiring”
  • Best student in Management Contest

In addition, there was a  presentation contest at the event on the theme  “BRANDS RE:CHARGE, RE:INVENT, RE:ENGAGE IN TODAY’S TIMES”

  • Neeta copy

Amplify Mindware’s team of four of it’s best students competed at the grand finale of national-level presentation contest on ” Brands: Re-charge, Re-invent, Re-engage”. Several B-school teams had entered into the contest out of which only 14 teams were selected for the grand finale. BVU-Amplify was one of these finalists. The contest was evaluated by an eminent 17 member panel of judges with vast industry and international experience. 

Among the 14 other top B-schools that participated in the contest, Amplify Mindware was ranked 5th.

Neeta Handa, a PG Diploma student in Human Resource Management at Amplify Mindware shares her experience:

As the D-day came closer, we the team from Amplify Mindware were busy rehearsing our parts for the presentation. There were 14 B Schools and 17 judges to grace the occasion. There were many distinct names and during the breaks, I got chance to interact with the honchos of various fields. We did a lot of networking by interacting with the students at other B-Schools. We told them about our college and made our presence felt with elaborate discussions with the students. When the time came for our team to present, we were quite brilliant in delivering the contents. The second day was the award ceremony. On this day as well I interacted with a lot of students and industry personnel and left some lasting impressions about the college. Over all, the trip had been a good exposure & not to forget the fun elements we enjoyed”

In coming blogs, other students and mentors share their experiences in detail on what it was like to compete among the top-ranked B-schools nation wide and emerge successful.


  • BEST STUDENT IN MANAGEMENT CONTESTThe Dewang Mehta Award Institute by Onward Foundation will present a cash award of INR 2,00,000/- (INDIAN RUPEES TWO HUNDRED THOUSAND) to the Winners.
1. Business School which encourages Innovations that leads to better development.
2. Business School that encourages leadership as a part of the Curriculum.
3. Business School with Best Academic Input (Syllabus) in
  • Marketing
  • Finance
  • Human Resources
  • Operations & Manufacturing
  • Retail/Services
  • International Business
4. Best Teacher in
  • General Management
  • Human Resources
  • Marketing Management
  • Operations Management
  • Financial Management
  • Retail Management
  • Information Technology
5. Business School with Best Industry Interface
6. Bschool Leadership Award.


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