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IT, Ireland and me…

A firsthand account, by Amplify student; Rohan Shaw, about his study abroad experiences via Amplify Mindware’s student exchange program in Ireland.

So far my days in Ireland has been very good. When I was heading to Athlone Institute of Technology(AIT), I thought it would be difficult to adjust with the people and might feel like the odd one in a new place. But things turned out to be very different from what I had anticipated. There are lots of International Students here coming from forty different nations.The people here are very friendly in nature and fun to interact with. Seeing so many Foreign students does not make feel left out.

I received a very warm welcome from the University’s International Office ,who helped me in getting acquainted  with the place. I was very thrilled when they made things easy for me by giving me a tour of the University Campus and a short tour of the town. They helped me in finding a suitable accommodation for myself and opening a bank account. It was very easy to adjust in a new place with the help of the International office.

The Professors here are very friendly and always eager to help. They are very patient and understanding and are always in the lookout to help weak students cope up with the rest of the class. The standard of teaching here is very high and since most of the professors teaching us have worked in the IT industry they give us real world examples in making us understand a topic. Overall the course is easy for us  as we have done quite a lot of programming and similar subjects at AmplifyMindware.

The campus is very huge and the sports facilities are excellent. All the major sports are played here and I actively participate in a few of them. The cafeteria is very big and serves a variety of items to choose from. There many things to get involved in here. There are plenty of events being organized every now and then. There is also an Indian Community here which organized the Diwali Celebrations, where I got an opportunity to interact with the Indian population living here. It was very different experience celebrating Diwali in Ireland and having Indian food for a change.

I would like to conclude by thanking AmplifyMindware for giving me the opportunity to pursue my further studies at AIT,Ireland and experience the lifestyle and diversity of culture. It is a very beautiful place to study in with a very warm  and friendly atmosphere and it feels great to be here.



March 11, 2010 at 10:30 am 1 comment

Australia calling…..

I’m totally excited!!! In a few days, I’m off to Australiaaaaaaaa!!!!

It’s beaches, babes and lots of sightseeing dude!

or Mate! as they say ….

Oh, and yeah of course – I’ll be finishing up my IT degree as well.

And it was super easy, the college that I’m currently studying with – Amplify Mindware in Pune – has a study abroad programme where their students can opt to  finish their last year in QUT  (Queensland University of Technology) – all credits points transfer and once you’re done with your fourth semester – voila! you graduate with an International Bachelor’s degree  in IT.

Of course, you can stay on and opt for their Master’s programme as well – and yes, they do give their Bachelor students preference! Moreover, you can complete their Master’s degree in a reduced time period of one year only.

Imagine that.

Beaches, babes and an excellent IT course!

So a little more about my  University….

QUT has over 40,000 students, including nearly 5000 international students from more than 100 countries.

cool nah?!

What’s more – QUT ranks amongst top 3 Australian universities in the discipline of Information Technology.

So, dude, what are you waiting for – get going…. and you could be making Australia you’re next home…..!


December 23, 2009 at 6:17 pm 3 comments

Amplify Mindware is stretching to China

A delegation of Chinese professors and students visited our Campus last week and word on the street is that Amplify Mindware is going to offer courses and training programmes in China!

I’m really exited to see how this arrangement works out, because it would mean that besides Australia and Ireland, I now have the option of a study abroad course in China.

What’s really cool is that our campus is gonna be even more diverse now, with students from three different countires visiting and studying here.

With Asian markets outgrowing their Western competitors – its easy to see why a tie-up with a Chinese University, gives Amplify Mindware students at a slight advantage.

It’s cool anyway you look at it ….

IT courses in China!

Chinese classmates

Multi-regional discussions in the classroom

Can’t wait!!!!


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Ranchi to Australia on a notebook

Just watched another Australian College movie and it’s that same feeling again! I wish I could live in a dorm or learn to skate board or surf or do something really exciting. Like live in a city that looks like this- Brisbane Australia (sigh!)

QUTThat round looking green patch is their cricket stadium – can you believe it? It beats this bumpy bald ground that the guys and I have been playing on every evening. But this is Ranchi not Brisbane….. so (double sigh!)

Now check out this view dude! I could be flip flopping, doggie paddling my way through these blue waters instead of mossy green ponds that make your skin peal.

I know that once my board results come in – there’s going to be the mad rush to find a college. So, I’ve alreadyQUT2 started narrowing down my options. It’s just that I don’t want to simply go to a college in Mumbai or Delhi or Pune or what have you…..there aren’t any surfing groups in any of these cities!

I want to experience something different this time. Something really eye-opening, mind-blowing … you know?

So, I was browsing the internet the other day and I came across the Queensland’s University of Technology (QUT) (guess where?)  Get a load of this picture of the college.

QUT3 copyI mean – it immediately makes you feel like learning could be fun!

And you know what? – QUT had around 40,000 students, including nearly 5000 international students from more than 100 countries and is currently amongst the top 3 Australian universities in the discipline of Information Technology.

Problem is my parents (who want their little baba close by) and the qualifications! How does one go from Ranchi, India to Brisbane, Australia……???

So, I’m feeling all sorry for myself and suddenly, I spot a crazy link in my Google search. I mean its kindda unbelievable! There’s an Indian University BVU Amplify that has a tie-up with QUT and students can go there on an exchange programme for a year.

It sounds too good to be true – so I’m looking up this Amplify Mindware – to get all the details.

Apparently….. could it be….. really?

You even get an International Degree?

Check it out!


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Animation Ahoy!

So, I’ve been at my desk for ten consecutive hours now, trying to create a new Tom & Jerry show! In my version, Tom isn’t as daft as the Walt Disney version and Jerry isn’t as lucky either.

Ta da dum – enter Daffy Duck – who roller blades past a shocked Tom and almost runs Jerry over….. Sigh!

Making those wheels go round and round are going to add on another hour or so …. I think the sun might already be coming up! Serves me right for leaving my assignments for the last minute. And this Animation project that’s due today counts towards my final grade. Oh! Procrastination……

But to be honest, I prefer these projects to some boring written exam – where you have to mug up definitions and shit. Here, I get to choose my own topic, add my own script and basically, let my creativity explode! Problem is, if you’re like me and wait to finish projects under pressure, creativity sort of bubbles here and there but there ain’t any explosion…….

So, where was I? ….. oh! ya, Daffy Duck on wheels!

I’m adding a special effect where his feathers start zipping out as he overtakes Tom and change into pretty butterflies…… (Could this be my creativity or sleep deprivation?)

When I first, began this course, I couldn’t even draw a straight line…… that was two years ago.

Now, would you believe it? I’m converting Daffy Duck feathers into butterflies!

Of course, half the credit must go to the location of my Campus – Pune city’s got gaming and animation groups converging at every corner and if CS doesn’t thrill you, dude, you might as well run for it like ol’ Jerry over here.

My parents thought I was crazy to be getting a Degree in Animation and Gaming. “What’s that”? – They asked sceptically. But then I pointed out that just because it’s what I enjoy, doesn’t mean it isn’t lucrative. In fact, those of you in a similar situation – might want to tell your parents that the gaming industry in the US is the second biggest industry in the entertainment sector, second only to movies and bigger than music. India is following a similar trend and is expected to be a major gaming market.

And, if your parents are asking – “But what will you do after graduation”? ….. it’s best to list out the various industries that require graduates of such a degree program including animated movies, commercials, effects teams, teams developing games and in films…..

So, I’m thinking….. after Daffy Duck and Tom …. I might move on to more exciting tasks ….. Maybe, I’ll become a Programmer or Movie Animator or maybe a Multimedia Artist or….. (Anything’s possible)

If you every see a Daffy Duck on wheels, with feathers that become butterflies…. you know who done it!!!!

That’s all folks!!!


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