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International accolades for Mr. Sabu Francis

Mr. Sabu Francis is a man of many facets. He brilliantly straddles his passion for poetry with his love for architecture and knowledge in general. An active blogger, music composer and painter in his spare time, Mr. Sabu Francis, Head of the Department of the BSc(IT) and MSc(IT) has a new feather in his cap — the recent acknowledgement for his work by University of Konstanz, Germany, the main developers behind BaseX He developed a module using the powerful, open source native XML database system; BaseX with Rebol (a Scheme type language). This feat once again demonstrates Amplify’s abilities to disseminate knowledge far and wide.

Mr. Sabu Francis started his career with a degree in architecture from IIT Kharagpur. It was here that his interest and research in the area of organization of knowledge began. His curiosity in this subject piqued when he made the discovery on a mathematical representation system for architecture. Soon after he graduated, he discovered a representation system for architecture in 1989. He won the special award for excellence in architectural research from the Journal of the Indian Institute of Architects in 1991 for that work.

On starting his practice, he soon realized that just doing architecture was not enough. He thus began to regard his office as a knowledge workplace and started actively working on theories for organizing knowledge. He began first with his own domain, namely architecture, and was one of the first developers of a new designing system called BIM (Building Information Modeler) which uses an object-oriented system.

Over the past few years, he has been working on organizing knowledge in other domains. In collaboration with his students at Amplify, last year, Mr. Sabu Francis worked on an ERP software that was built from the ground up.

Amplify, according to Mr. Sabu Francis, is a very organized place with efficient systems; it is a well well-oiled machinery where a lot of thought goes behind devising activities that improve the quality of education.

After campus hours, Mr. Sabu Francis spends his time pursuing his various hobbies some of which include, composing music, singing, playing the guitar (bass, lead, rhythm) and drums. He also enjoys painting and sculpting in clay. He writes stories, poetry and non-fiction, to read some of his work click here

His main source of inspiration continues to be the students at Amplify Mindware and the gleam in their eyes. He strongly believes that it is important to demonstrate learning in front of students as they get more inspired when the teacher learns along with them rather than merely instructs them. It is with this spirit of inclusion that he continues to grow and in turn aids the growth of Amplify and its students. We wish him more success in his future projects.



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Importance of Post Graduation!

The first thing that one needs to realize while enrolling in a Post Graduate course, is that it’s a Professional Degree, and not an Academic one. When you begin to contemplate your Post Graduation, keep the following in mind:

  • ‘PG helps you get better packages, and easier promotions’

A Post Graduation gives you the much needed educational experience required for those great positions you dream of. If you don’t wish to start your career at the lowest rung, and have the backing to get your Post Graduation – it is a must!

  • ‘PG adds value to your first degree and makes it easier to find your first job’

Your Post Graduation is not just any additional degree – it adds value to your portfolio of knowledge, in turn ensuring that a wider range of jobs are available to you!

  • ‘PG helps you broaden your horizons and makes more effective at work’

Post Graduation gives you maturity and depth. It also teaches you to be an effective and well balanced person, in turn broadening your scope as an employee.

  • ‘PG gives you the confidence needed to survive corporate level competition’

Freshers tend to get intimidated and uncomfortable with the pressure of corporate life. Starting a career with an inferiority complex, could be a major disadvantage in the future. Post Graduation gives you the time, and the confidence to grow in a stable manner – which automatically boosts your morale.

    Hoping you see the value and importance of a Post Graduate Degree!! All the Best!!


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    IT, Ireland and me…

    A firsthand account, by Amplify student; Rohan Shaw, about his study abroad experiences via Amplify Mindware’s student exchange program in Ireland.

    So far my days in Ireland has been very good. When I was heading to Athlone Institute of Technology(AIT), I thought it would be difficult to adjust with the people and might feel like the odd one in a new place. But things turned out to be very different from what I had anticipated. There are lots of International Students here coming from forty different nations.The people here are very friendly in nature and fun to interact with. Seeing so many Foreign students does not make feel left out.

    I received a very warm welcome from the University’s International Office ,who helped me in getting acquainted  with the place. I was very thrilled when they made things easy for me by giving me a tour of the University Campus and a short tour of the town. They helped me in finding a suitable accommodation for myself and opening a bank account. It was very easy to adjust in a new place with the help of the International office.

    The Professors here are very friendly and always eager to help. They are very patient and understanding and are always in the lookout to help weak students cope up with the rest of the class. The standard of teaching here is very high and since most of the professors teaching us have worked in the IT industry they give us real world examples in making us understand a topic. Overall the course is easy for us  as we have done quite a lot of programming and similar subjects at AmplifyMindware.

    The campus is very huge and the sports facilities are excellent. All the major sports are played here and I actively participate in a few of them. The cafeteria is very big and serves a variety of items to choose from. There many things to get involved in here. There are plenty of events being organized every now and then. There is also an Indian Community here which organized the Diwali Celebrations, where I got an opportunity to interact with the Indian population living here. It was very different experience celebrating Diwali in Ireland and having Indian food for a change.

    I would like to conclude by thanking AmplifyMindware for giving me the opportunity to pursue my further studies at AIT,Ireland and experience the lifestyle and diversity of culture. It is a very beautiful place to study in with a very warm  and friendly atmosphere and it feels great to be here.


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    Training the bottom rung!

    As a fresher, just out of college – the corporate world can be daunting!

    Nothing is ‘text-book’ familiar and you start to wonder, just what in the world you learned in college…..

    For some of us, team-work, synergy, group-dynamics….. were concepts who’s definitions we memorized in management classrooms – yet only fully understood during a college game or competition…

    Not everything can be learned in a classroom – and no one knows this better, than a fresher on her/his first day at college….

    Given these odds – that freshers require intensive on the job training that prepares them for the job at hand – Amplify Mindware institute, works with various IT and Management organizations to provide comprehensive training solutions for fresh recruits!

    Check out this 4 -step training programme, that the institute follows in its Fresher Learning Programme for corporates.

    Got those first day of the job jitters?


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    Who’s coming to campus?

    At this time of year, most graduating students have one single agenda.

    Getting that C.V. in order and vying for every campus placement opportunity that comes along…

    At such times, it’s reassuring to know if your College can draw big organisations to campus…. and with them, those lucrative salary offers and plush office environments.

    Last year, around this time – check out the big guns that arrived at Amplify Mindware, BVU

    Let’s not forget that the 2008-09 placement season was calamitous for the entire Indian academic community. Even the IIMs and IITs were not spared. The IT industry put up a “frozen” façade, with few recruiting at all!

    Management schools just about remained afloat in such tough competitive circumstances.

    Despite the odds – Amplify got home-run after home-run, with companies recruiting Amplify students despite recession. Around 80% placements were done prior to the season ending.

    The trick was – Innovation. Here’s the game -plan the institute followed:

    • Focus on Niche -areas : Amplify identified very fast the sectors which were really providing placement opportunities in this tough season (Telecommunications, Insurance, Pharma and KPO), and focused very closely on them, dipping straight into the honey-pots instead of just buzzing around. The result? – Amplify’s technical students were quickly lapped up by these companies!
    • Focus on specific geographical areas: In coordination with Amplify, a leading multinational company created a brand-new special “branch management trainee” scheme under which students were offered a fast-track position to work from their hometowns and grow the company’s business in these areas. Companies find it difficult to get professionally trained personnel to work in small towns – so Amplify provided the students – and it was a win-win situation for all involved!
    • Prep students well: Amplify students undergo a continuously revised, balanced and rigorous program that ensures a thorough understanding of management concepts. Students hone their existing managerial, leadership, team, analytical and interpersonal skills through various ongoing assignments. Workshops on career counseling, business etiquette, group discussions and interview skills, verbal and non-verbal communication skills are a regular feature at Amplify.

    So, that’s three reasons more for why Amplify is a good choice if you’re looking to secure a job on graduation!


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    MBA degrees that actually get you a job!

    When I first decided to do an MBA, I had high expectations of what life would be like after graduation. I imagined a nice fat paycheck, being able to afford to drive to work, meetings at the Taj and a spacious office with a kick-ass view.


    Let’s just say that the only thing that does have a nice view is my building terrace, where I escape to, from time to time to avoid that recurring question “have you got a job yet, beta?”.

    When they sell you the MBA dream – no one cares to mention that you’ll be one of millions of others with the same ‘degree stamp’ all competing for half the number of jobs.

    They especially forget to mention that when you graduate during a recession, you’re effectively competing for one position with hundreds of others who actually have work experience and are unemployed.

    The result?

    Endless interviews that go nowhere.

    Or worse, interviews where they ask you what kind of salary you’re expecting – and then smirk at your response. Currently, I’m quoting for less than what BEST drivers get (they earn about 15k+ a month)

    What was the point in spending lacs of rupees and two years of my life on a degree that leaves me unemployed!!!

    So, the other day, I was sitting through what must be my hundredth interview in the past five months, since graduation and was actually one of five shortlisted candidates. Forever the optimist, I thought to myself – finally, I may just be getting a job. And instead of a final round of interviewing, they pose this discussion topic to all five of us and ask us to debate it out. It was some insane question on project management and I was totally stumped.

    And I mean really totally lost. I didn’t even understand the question.

    Luckily most of the group members were in the same boat (so that made me feel slightly better) – except for this one guy who talked at length – adequately making up for the rest of us!!!

    But naturally, they gave him the job.


    Apparently, he took a course in Project Management

    Check it out! – I wish I had, before I did my MBA.



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    BVU students bag 5th place in a National-level competition

    Business School Affaire started the Dewang Mehta Business School Award 16 years ago. The award is in recognition of leadership, development, innovation and industry interface of Business schools.

    The event took place for the 17th time on 5th November, 2009 at Taj Lands End, Mumbai . Since, the Dewang Mehta Business Award recognizes talent and leadership amongst Business Schools across India – there was wide representation from all corners of the country. Amplify Mindware was among this set of schools attending the event.

    B-school students participated in several national level contests, at this event, each trying to put their best foot forward. Contests included;

    • Best placement brochure
    • Paper Presentation Contest (Research Based)
    • Theme: “The India Brand Story – Connecting, Engaging and Inspiring”
    • Best student in Management Contest

    In addition, there was a  presentation contest at the event on the theme  “BRANDS RE:CHARGE, RE:INVENT, RE:ENGAGE IN TODAY’S TIMES”

    • Neeta copy

    Amplify Mindware’s team of four of it’s best students competed at the grand finale of national-level presentation contest on ” Brands: Re-charge, Re-invent, Re-engage”. Several B-school teams had entered into the contest out of which only 14 teams were selected for the grand finale. BVU-Amplify was one of these finalists. The contest was evaluated by an eminent 17 member panel of judges with vast industry and international experience. 

    Among the 14 other top B-schools that participated in the contest, Amplify Mindware was ranked 5th.

    Neeta Handa, a PG Diploma student in Human Resource Management at Amplify Mindware shares her experience:

    As the D-day came closer, we the team from Amplify Mindware were busy rehearsing our parts for the presentation. There were 14 B Schools and 17 judges to grace the occasion. There were many distinct names and during the breaks, I got chance to interact with the honchos of various fields. We did a lot of networking by interacting with the students at other B-Schools. We told them about our college and made our presence felt with elaborate discussions with the students. When the time came for our team to present, we were quite brilliant in delivering the contents. The second day was the award ceremony. On this day as well I interacted with a lot of students and industry personnel and left some lasting impressions about the college. Over all, the trip had been a good exposure & not to forget the fun elements we enjoyed”

    In coming blogs, other students and mentors share their experiences in detail on what it was like to compete among the top-ranked B-schools nation wide and emerge successful.


    • BEST STUDENT IN MANAGEMENT CONTESTThe Dewang Mehta Award Institute by Onward Foundation will present a cash award of INR 2,00,000/- (INDIAN RUPEES TWO HUNDRED THOUSAND) to the Winners.
    1. Business School which encourages Innovations that leads to better development.
    2. Business School that encourages leadership as a part of the Curriculum.
    3. Business School with Best Academic Input (Syllabus) in
    • Marketing
    • Finance
    • Human Resources
    • Operations & Manufacturing
    • Retail/Services
    • International Business
    4. Best Teacher in
    • General Management
    • Human Resources
    • Marketing Management
    • Operations Management
    • Financial Management
    • Retail Management
    • Information Technology
    5. Business School with Best Industry Interface
    6. Bschool Leadership Award.


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