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International accolades for Mr. Sabu Francis

Mr. Sabu Francis is a man of many facets. He brilliantly straddles his passion for poetry with his love for architecture and knowledge in general. An active blogger, music composer and painter in his spare time, Mr. Sabu Francis, Head of the Department of the BSc(IT) and MSc(IT) has a new feather in his cap — the recent acknowledgement for his work by University of Konstanz, Germany, the main developers behind BaseX He developed a module using the powerful, open source native XML database system; BaseX with Rebol (a Scheme type language). This feat once again demonstrates Amplify’s abilities to disseminate knowledge far and wide.

Mr. Sabu Francis started his career with a degree in architecture from IIT Kharagpur. It was here that his interest and research in the area of organization of knowledge began. His curiosity in this subject piqued when he made the discovery on a mathematical representation system for architecture. Soon after he graduated, he discovered a representation system for architecture in 1989. He won the special award for excellence in architectural research from the Journal of the Indian Institute of Architects in 1991 for that work.

On starting his practice, he soon realized that just doing architecture was not enough. He thus began to regard his office as a knowledge workplace and started actively working on theories for organizing knowledge. He began first with his own domain, namely architecture, and was one of the first developers of a new designing system called BIM (Building Information Modeler) which uses an object-oriented system.

Over the past few years, he has been working on organizing knowledge in other domains. In collaboration with his students at Amplify, last year, Mr. Sabu Francis worked on an ERP software that was built from the ground up.

Amplify, according to Mr. Sabu Francis, is a very organized place with efficient systems; it is a well well-oiled machinery where a lot of thought goes behind devising activities that improve the quality of education.

After campus hours, Mr. Sabu Francis spends his time pursuing his various hobbies some of which include, composing music, singing, playing the guitar (bass, lead, rhythm) and drums. He also enjoys painting and sculpting in clay. He writes stories, poetry and non-fiction, to read some of his work click here

His main source of inspiration continues to be the students at Amplify Mindware and the gleam in their eyes. He strongly believes that it is important to demonstrate learning in front of students as they get more inspired when the teacher learns along with them rather than merely instructs them. It is with this spirit of inclusion that he continues to grow and in turn aids the growth of Amplify and its students. We wish him more success in his future projects.



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