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The future of gaming in India

Online gaming is the newest addition to the gaming ecosystem in India!!!

Electronic gaming in India started way back with consoles & increasing PC penetration helped offline gaming to grow. Recently, Mobile gaming has gained a lot of traction in the marketplace and has also created an entire game development ecosystem of content developers and aggregators in India. The success of mobile gaming so far is being seen as an indicator of the huge potential for online gaming in India.

Online gaming in India is at a nascent stage in India, it has traditionally been associated with mainstream portals like Yahoo & MSN. For these, gaming has not been a focus area but merely another application for engaging users when they are looking for some entertainment.

However, all this is changing because of several market developments. There have been high profile launches of games and platforms such as Zapak.The international market has also woken up to the potential that India offers and global publishing giants such as Microsoft, Sony and Ubisft are setting up shops in India.

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What are the qualities of a good game designer?

  • Passion for games
  • An eye for detail
  • Good sense of concept & visualization
  • Good sense of composition, aesthetics & timing
  • Good sense of storytelling
  • Sound knowledge of colors & lighting
  • Interest to research & experimentation.

Careers in Gaming

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The Future of Online Gaming in India

The Indian online gaming market is at base level currently. Over the next 2-3 years some of the key developments would be:

Polarization of gamers: A momentous segment of online gamers would continue to be as informal gamers. These so called casual gamers, mainly adult males and females, will drive Online Gaming and take it to the next level. What would popularize online gaming more is that, the characters in the game would be named or characterized according to famous Bollywood or soap actors.  And talking about the professional players, they would build their own set of classified group and would move towards multi-player games. This section of classified gamers would use prepaid cards for payments.

Rise of the home gamers: Gaming from home will be big hit in regards to the rising broad band penetration and falling PC prices. Shadowed segment like housewives and older citizens will also be initiated. However, access by children would be regulated / monitored closely by parents; only a few set of games would be allowed. Due to this, youngsters would also be attracted to gaming chains for enhanced gaming experience, resulting in the prominence of organized gaming zones and merging of various small café chains to get into gaming to earn better revenues.

Growth in both PC & mobile gamers: The rise in number of subscribers and the replacement market for mobile handsets would help the mobile gaming industry to grow. The attraction of playing multi-player games and higher quality games would also attract a significant user base towards online PC-based gaming. There would be a growth in the unattended markets of consoles.

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Animation Ahoy!

So, I’ve been at my desk for ten consecutive hours now, trying to create a new Tom & Jerry show! In my version, Tom isn’t as daft as the Walt Disney version and Jerry isn’t as lucky either.

Ta da dum – enter Daffy Duck – who roller blades past a shocked Tom and almost runs Jerry over….. Sigh!

Making those wheels go round and round are going to add on another hour or so …. I think the sun might already be coming up! Serves me right for leaving my assignments for the last minute. And this Animation project that’s due today counts towards my final grade. Oh! Procrastination……

But to be honest, I prefer these projects to some boring written exam – where you have to mug up definitions and shit. Here, I get to choose my own topic, add my own script and basically, let my creativity explode! Problem is, if you’re like me and wait to finish projects under pressure, creativity sort of bubbles here and there but there ain’t any explosion…….

So, where was I? ….. oh! ya, Daffy Duck on wheels!

I’m adding a special effect where his feathers start zipping out as he overtakes Tom and change into pretty butterflies…… (Could this be my creativity or sleep deprivation?)

When I first, began this course, I couldn’t even draw a straight line…… that was two years ago.

Now, would you believe it? I’m converting Daffy Duck feathers into butterflies!

Of course, half the credit must go to the location of my Campus – Pune city’s got gaming and animation groups converging at every corner and if CS doesn’t thrill you, dude, you might as well run for it like ol’ Jerry over here.

My parents thought I was crazy to be getting a Degree in Animation and Gaming. “What’s that”? – They asked sceptically. But then I pointed out that just because it’s what I enjoy, doesn’t mean it isn’t lucrative. In fact, those of you in a similar situation – might want to tell your parents that the gaming industry in the US is the second biggest industry in the entertainment sector, second only to movies and bigger than music. India is following a similar trend and is expected to be a major gaming market.

And, if your parents are asking – “But what will you do after graduation”? ….. it’s best to list out the various industries that require graduates of such a degree program including animated movies, commercials, effects teams, teams developing games and in films…..

So, I’m thinking….. after Daffy Duck and Tom …. I might move on to more exciting tasks ….. Maybe, I’ll become a Programmer or Movie Animator or maybe a Multimedia Artist or….. (Anything’s possible)

If you every see a Daffy Duck on wheels, with feathers that become butterflies…. you know who done it!!!!

That’s all folks!!!


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