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Placements at Amplify!!

Year 2009 saw 253 job offers made to the passing out students. Despite the dipping of the stock markets, year 2010 saw a turnaround in the industry but intake of fresh talent into companies was almost at a standstill. Yet, our students received around 800 job offers. Below is the distribution of the categories of organizations who have visited Amplify so far this year.

2009 – 253 job offers made
2010 – 800 job offers made to 200 students

Amplify Mindware views placement as a critical index of its success. It is one of the few institutes that is committed to assuring employability through education.

  • At Amplify you find that the emphasis is more on choice of jobs rather than getting selected by just any company. What matters to Amplify is the satisfaction of their students. Amplify has brought in new techniques to reach out to various recruiters such as through tie ups and by setting up employment forums for their students.
  • In close cooperation with Amplify, a leading multinational company created a brand-new special “branch management trainee” scheme under which students were offered a fast-track position to work from their hometowns and grow the company’s business in those territories faster. Companies find it difficult to get professionally trained personnel to work at B-class towns. Cost of living for students would be minimal and their productivity would be maximum thanks to their knowledge of local customs and territories as well as their local contacts. And of course their efforts are boosted by the management education they receive at Amplify.
  • Students whet their existing managerial, leadership, team, analytical and interpersonal skills by taking assignments and corporate interaction at Amplify Mindware. Workshops on career counseling, business etiquette, group discussions and interview skills, verbal and non-verbal communication skills are regular features at Amplify.
  • Amplify saw the damage done by the standard placement rule at most campuses: Once a student gets an offer, he/she would be barred from appearing for other companies coming to campus. This rule results in students not attending interviews with companies coming early to campus – instead they would wait for their “dream job”. When such a company with a so-called dream job did not come, they would lose out on placement.. Amplify students were therefore encouraged to take up the first reasonable opportunity that came up and keep it as a backup to be used if the “dream job” did not materialize. This strategy proved to be a solid success as it pleased the companies and gave the students a safety net as well.

So all you guys out there thinking that till we are in the learning process, everything seems to be fine, but what after that?? Here is the answer to all. You just have to be a part of Amplify Mindware and get tunneled towards your dream job!!!



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