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Placements at Amplify!!

Year 2009 saw 253 job offers made to the passing out students. Despite the dipping of the stock markets, year 2010 saw a turnaround in the industry but intake of fresh talent into companies was almost at a standstill. Yet, our students received around 800 job offers. Below is the distribution of the categories of organizations who have visited Amplify so far this year.

2009 – 253 job offers made
2010 – 800 job offers made to 200 students

Amplify Mindware views placement as a critical index of its success. It is one of the few institutes that is committed to assuring employability through education.

  • At Amplify you find that the emphasis is more on choice of jobs rather than getting selected by just any company. What matters to Amplify is the satisfaction of their students. Amplify has brought in new techniques to reach out to various recruiters such as through tie ups and by setting up employment forums for their students.
  • In close cooperation with Amplify, a leading multinational company created a brand-new special “branch management trainee” scheme under which students were offered a fast-track position to work from their hometowns and grow the company’s business in those territories faster. Companies find it difficult to get professionally trained personnel to work at B-class towns. Cost of living for students would be minimal and their productivity would be maximum thanks to their knowledge of local customs and territories as well as their local contacts. And of course their efforts are boosted by the management education they receive at Amplify.
  • Students whet their existing managerial, leadership, team, analytical and interpersonal skills by taking assignments and corporate interaction at Amplify Mindware. Workshops on career counseling, business etiquette, group discussions and interview skills, verbal and non-verbal communication skills are regular features at Amplify.
  • Amplify saw the damage done by the standard placement rule at most campuses: Once a student gets an offer, he/she would be barred from appearing for other companies coming to campus. This rule results in students not attending interviews with companies coming early to campus – instead they would wait for their “dream job”. When such a company with a so-called dream job did not come, they would lose out on placement.. Amplify students were therefore encouraged to take up the first reasonable opportunity that came up and keep it as a backup to be used if the “dream job” did not materialize. This strategy proved to be a solid success as it pleased the companies and gave the students a safety net as well.

So all you guys out there thinking that till we are in the learning process, everything seems to be fine, but what after that?? Here is the answer to all. You just have to be a part of Amplify Mindware and get tunneled towards your dream job!!!



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Job Opportunities in Embedded Systems

Enablers of smart devices which make our lives so much easier, professionals trained in Embedded Systems Technologies are a rare and highly sought after group in the recruitment marketplace. Considering the vast scope of the field, ranging from telecom to medical to consumer electronics to aerospace, the demand for embedded systems engineers for product development and application, will continue to grow in the years to come.

Realizing the growth and promise of embedded systems in day-to-day life and the need for trained manpower in this promising area, BVU-Amplify has launched a Bachelor of Science – Embedded Systems.

Embedded Systems is an exciting field for gifted professionals who have a sound knowledge of both hardware and software. Keeping this in view, BVU-Amplify has designed this Bachelors program with equal emphasis on the architecture, design and programming of both hardware and software. This will enable graduates to face any challenges in the design and development of state-of-the-art embedded systems and products. The curriculum includes a module on advanced embedded design & research, specifically focusing on each of the technologies in embedded domain.

Wondering about what sort of degree you’ll get on graduating with a degree in Embedded Systems?

Graduates of this program will find work in almost any industry including

  • Consumer Electronics
  • Aerospace
  • Telecommunications
  • Product Manufacturers (for Medical, Defense, Manufacturing and others).

What are the different career paths I can have in Embedded if I take up the domain?

One can take up various roles within Embedded systems, these include:

  • Hardware designer
  • ASIC designer
  • Board Support Package developer
  • Protocol development engineer
  • Developing industrial automation solutions
  • Customized device drivers for a particular device
  • Embedded Systems Developers/Designers/ Engineers
  • Product Designers, Engineers and Architects.

Get more updates on this field and download a free researched document on career opportunities in Embedded systems!!!


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Campus life at Amplify Mindware

Want to know what campus life is like at Amplify?

Here’s a glimpse :

On a typical college day – as an Amplify student- you will stroll to those morning classes under this Bharati Vidyapeeth University’s entrance arch.

Being affiliated with one of the Nation’s largest multi- disciplinary  campus universities, is one of the major plus points of being at student at Amplify Mindware

The campus environment, is lush green, spacious and a pleasure to stroll through during class breaks

Amplify Mindware is situated in BVU’s college of Architecture

Classes generally run the entire length of a day – so be prepared to study, study, study!

Be sure to try out the food at Amplify’s terrace restaurant!

After class you could wander around this college city of Pune, home to thousands of other college students – and therefore a hub of entertainment and excitement

Or head to the library for some research, if you’re the studious kind!

And finally when the day is done….. you can retire to an on campus hostel …. and call it a day!

Peeked your curiosity?

Then check out career options on graduation…..


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Who’s coming to campus?

At this time of year, most graduating students have one single agenda.

Getting that C.V. in order and vying for every campus placement opportunity that comes along…

At such times, it’s reassuring to know if your College can draw big organisations to campus…. and with them, those lucrative salary offers and plush office environments.

Last year, around this time – check out the big guns that arrived at Amplify Mindware, BVU

Let’s not forget that the 2008-09 placement season was calamitous for the entire Indian academic community. Even the IIMs and IITs were not spared. The IT industry put up a “frozen” façade, with few recruiting at all!

Management schools just about remained afloat in such tough competitive circumstances.

Despite the odds – Amplify got home-run after home-run, with companies recruiting Amplify students despite recession. Around 80% placements were done prior to the season ending.

The trick was – Innovation. Here’s the game -plan the institute followed:

  • Focus on Niche -areas : Amplify identified very fast the sectors which were really providing placement opportunities in this tough season (Telecommunications, Insurance, Pharma and KPO), and focused very closely on them, dipping straight into the honey-pots instead of just buzzing around. The result? – Amplify’s technical students were quickly lapped up by these companies!
  • Focus on specific geographical areas: In coordination with Amplify, a leading multinational company created a brand-new special “branch management trainee” scheme under which students were offered a fast-track position to work from their hometowns and grow the company’s business in these areas. Companies find it difficult to get professionally trained personnel to work in small towns – so Amplify provided the students – and it was a win-win situation for all involved!
  • Prep students well: Amplify students undergo a continuously revised, balanced and rigorous program that ensures a thorough understanding of management concepts. Students hone their existing managerial, leadership, team, analytical and interpersonal skills through various ongoing assignments. Workshops on career counseling, business etiquette, group discussions and interview skills, verbal and non-verbal communication skills are a regular feature at Amplify.

So, that’s three reasons more for why Amplify is a good choice if you’re looking to secure a job on graduation!


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What’s special about your college?

So, most of us have some sort of sentiment attached to our respective colleges….

Sometimes its the cafeteria sandwiches that we remember, other times, its that one amazing faculty member that made college seem like a second home – and most often its that group of friends that you practically live with for four years and then one fine day you all part ways and sort of grow up!!!

So, during my 11th and 12th years of Science in St. Xaviers, Mumbai – I was a Xavierite – AND BOY – did I take pride in it!

Strutted around campus every morning, feeling like I was the cat’s whiskers and there was no better place to be.

But after HSC it became clear that the world was much larger …. our college gang parted ways and after the initial manic efforts to stay in touch… we sort of move on!

Now, I’m at a new college (Amplify Mindware), with a new set of friends, another special faculty member that makes college feel like a second home…. and a whole new set of career options in the IT field available to me.

Andddd…. believe it or not a new identity!!! Here’s a riddle to discovering it…

What’s a circle, triangle and square at the same time….

Keep watching this space to know why the college chose this identity…

and feel free to share…. what is your special college identity???

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Amplify Mindware is on Youtube!

Found this cool Amplify Mindware presentation online!

It has some images of our campus and students, newspaper cuttings and some faculty members as well. It also lists companies that are partnering with the college – and some of the big names are included; Microsoft, Birla, Airtel…. and others!

Check it out!

Amplify Mindware Pvt. Ltd. is leading training institute in Management Degree, Embedded systems degree and many other Professional courses in IT and Management.

Click here to view their website – if you’re interested in some of these courses!!!


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Amplify Mindware: say what?

Amplify  MindwareIf you’ve stumbled upon this blog and are wondering what Amplify Mindware could possibly mean, then this blog is for you!

In short, it is your one stop to an IT career.

With a score of courses and degree programmes, offered at it’s campus, including; Information technology, Telecom, HR, Retail, Finance, Marketing, International Business and many others –  Amplify Mindware has earned a reputation of being one of the most established players in the field of IT education and training.

Besides education, Amplify Mindware also offers students a wide array of placement opportunities through tie-ups with almost 40 industries, including the biggest names; Microsoft, Airtel, Birlasoft, Vodafone, Pepsi, Coca-Cola etc.

So, if you’ve been nursing a passion for gaming, animation … or any other such IT related activity – Amplify Mindware is where you need to start, to get that career jump-start.


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