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Job Opportunities in Embedded Systems

Enablers of smart devices which make our lives so much easier, professionals trained in Embedded Systems Technologies are a rare and highly sought after group in the recruitment marketplace. Considering the vast scope of the field, ranging from telecom to medical to consumer electronics to aerospace, the demand for embedded systems engineers for product development and application, will continue to grow in the years to come.

Realizing the growth and promise of embedded systems in day-to-day life and the need for trained manpower in this promising area, BVU-Amplify has launched a Bachelor of Science – Embedded Systems.

Embedded Systems is an exciting field for gifted professionals who have a sound knowledge of both hardware and software. Keeping this in view, BVU-Amplify has designed this Bachelors program with equal emphasis on the architecture, design and programming of both hardware and software. This will enable graduates to face any challenges in the design and development of state-of-the-art embedded systems and products. The curriculum includes a module on advanced embedded design & research, specifically focusing on each of the technologies in embedded domain.

Wondering about what sort of degree you’ll get on graduating with a degree in Embedded Systems?

Graduates of this program will find work in almost any industry including

  • Consumer Electronics
  • Aerospace
  • Telecommunications
  • Product Manufacturers (for Medical, Defense, Manufacturing and others).

What are the different career paths I can have in Embedded if I take up the domain?

One can take up various roles within Embedded systems, these include:

  • Hardware designer
  • ASIC designer
  • Board Support Package developer
  • Protocol development engineer
  • Developing industrial automation solutions
  • Customized device drivers for a particular device
  • Embedded Systems Developers/Designers/ Engineers
  • Product Designers, Engineers and Architects.

Get more updates on this field and download a free researched document on career opportunities in Embedded systems!!!



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Campus life at Amplify Mindware

Want to know what campus life is like at Amplify?

Here’s a glimpse :

On a typical college day – as an Amplify student- you will stroll to those morning classes under this Bharati Vidyapeeth University’s entrance arch.

Being affiliated with one of the Nation’s largest multi- disciplinary  campus universities, is one of the major plus points of being at student at Amplify Mindware

The campus environment, is lush green, spacious and a pleasure to stroll through during class breaks

Amplify Mindware is situated in BVU’s college of Architecture

Classes generally run the entire length of a day – so be prepared to study, study, study!

Be sure to try out the food at Amplify’s terrace restaurant!

After class you could wander around this college city of Pune, home to thousands of other college students – and therefore a hub of entertainment and excitement

Or head to the library for some research, if you’re the studious kind!

And finally when the day is done….. you can retire to an on campus hostel …. and call it a day!

Peeked your curiosity?

Then check out career options on graduation…..


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Amplify Mindware is on Youtube!

Found this cool Amplify Mindware presentation online!

It has some images of our campus and students, newspaper cuttings and some faculty members as well. It also lists companies that are partnering with the college – and some of the big names are included; Microsoft, Birla, Airtel…. and others!

Check it out!

Amplify Mindware Pvt. Ltd. is leading training institute in Management Degree, Embedded systems degree and many other Professional courses in IT and Management.

Click here to view their website – if you’re interested in some of these courses!!!


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Amplify Mindware is stretching to China

A delegation of Chinese professors and students visited our Campus last week and word on the street is that Amplify Mindware is going to offer courses and training programmes in China!

I’m really exited to see how this arrangement works out, because it would mean that besides Australia and Ireland, I now have the option of a study abroad course in China.

What’s really cool is that our campus is gonna be even more diverse now, with students from three different countires visiting and studying here.

With Asian markets outgrowing their Western competitors – its easy to see why a tie-up with a Chinese University, gives Amplify Mindware students at a slight advantage.

It’s cool anyway you look at it ….

IT courses in China!

Chinese classmates

Multi-regional discussions in the classroom

Can’t wait!!!!


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BVU students bag 5th place in a National-level competition

Business School Affaire started the Dewang Mehta Business School Award 16 years ago. The award is in recognition of leadership, development, innovation and industry interface of Business schools.

The event took place for the 17th time on 5th November, 2009 at Taj Lands End, Mumbai . Since, the Dewang Mehta Business Award recognizes talent and leadership amongst Business Schools across India – there was wide representation from all corners of the country. Amplify Mindware was among this set of schools attending the event.

B-school students participated in several national level contests, at this event, each trying to put their best foot forward. Contests included;

  • Best placement brochure
  • Paper Presentation Contest (Research Based)
  • Theme: “The India Brand Story – Connecting, Engaging and Inspiring”
  • Best student in Management Contest

In addition, there was a  presentation contest at the event on the theme  “BRANDS RE:CHARGE, RE:INVENT, RE:ENGAGE IN TODAY’S TIMES”

  • Neeta copy

Amplify Mindware’s team of four of it’s best students competed at the grand finale of national-level presentation contest on ” Brands: Re-charge, Re-invent, Re-engage”. Several B-school teams had entered into the contest out of which only 14 teams were selected for the grand finale. BVU-Amplify was one of these finalists. The contest was evaluated by an eminent 17 member panel of judges with vast industry and international experience. 

Among the 14 other top B-schools that participated in the contest, Amplify Mindware was ranked 5th.

Neeta Handa, a PG Diploma student in Human Resource Management at Amplify Mindware shares her experience:

As the D-day came closer, we the team from Amplify Mindware were busy rehearsing our parts for the presentation. There were 14 B Schools and 17 judges to grace the occasion. There were many distinct names and during the breaks, I got chance to interact with the honchos of various fields. We did a lot of networking by interacting with the students at other B-Schools. We told them about our college and made our presence felt with elaborate discussions with the students. When the time came for our team to present, we were quite brilliant in delivering the contents. The second day was the award ceremony. On this day as well I interacted with a lot of students and industry personnel and left some lasting impressions about the college. Over all, the trip had been a good exposure & not to forget the fun elements we enjoyed”

In coming blogs, other students and mentors share their experiences in detail on what it was like to compete among the top-ranked B-schools nation wide and emerge successful.


  • BEST STUDENT IN MANAGEMENT CONTESTThe Dewang Mehta Award Institute by Onward Foundation will present a cash award of INR 2,00,000/- (INDIAN RUPEES TWO HUNDRED THOUSAND) to the Winners.
1. Business School which encourages Innovations that leads to better development.
2. Business School that encourages leadership as a part of the Curriculum.
3. Business School with Best Academic Input (Syllabus) in
  • Marketing
  • Finance
  • Human Resources
  • Operations & Manufacturing
  • Retail/Services
  • International Business
4. Best Teacher in
  • General Management
  • Human Resources
  • Marketing Management
  • Operations Management
  • Financial Management
  • Retail Management
  • Information Technology
5. Business School with Best Industry Interface
6. Bschool Leadership Award.


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