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IT, Ireland and me…

A firsthand account, by Amplify student; Rohan Shaw, about his study abroad experiences via Amplify Mindware’s student exchange program in Ireland.

So far my days in Ireland has been very good. When I was heading to Athlone Institute of Technology(AIT), I thought it would be difficult to adjust with the people and might feel like the odd one in a new place. But things turned out to be very different from what I had anticipated. There are lots of International Students here coming from forty different nations.The people here are very friendly in nature and fun to interact with. Seeing so many Foreign students does not make feel left out.

I received a very warm welcome from the University’s International Office ,who helped me in getting acquainted  with the place. I was very thrilled when they made things easy for me by giving me a tour of the University Campus and a short tour of the town. They helped me in finding a suitable accommodation for myself and opening a bank account. It was very easy to adjust in a new place with the help of the International office.

The Professors here are very friendly and always eager to help. They are very patient and understanding and are always in the lookout to help weak students cope up with the rest of the class. The standard of teaching here is very high and since most of the professors teaching us have worked in the IT industry they give us real world examples in making us understand a topic. Overall the course is easy for us  as we have done quite a lot of programming and similar subjects at AmplifyMindware.

The campus is very huge and the sports facilities are excellent. All the major sports are played here and I actively participate in a few of them. The cafeteria is very big and serves a variety of items to choose from. There many things to get involved in here. There are plenty of events being organized every now and then. There is also an Indian Community here which organized the Diwali Celebrations, where I got an opportunity to interact with the Indian population living here. It was very different experience celebrating Diwali in Ireland and having Indian food for a change.

I would like to conclude by thanking AmplifyMindware for giving me the opportunity to pursue my further studies at AIT,Ireland and experience the lifestyle and diversity of culture. It is a very beautiful place to study in with a very warm  and friendly atmosphere and it feels great to be here.



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Campus life at Amplify Mindware

Want to know what campus life is like at Amplify?

Here’s a glimpse :

On a typical college day – as an Amplify student- you will stroll to those morning classes under this Bharati Vidyapeeth University’s entrance arch.

Being affiliated with one of the Nation’s largest multi- disciplinary  campus universities, is one of the major plus points of being at student at Amplify Mindware

The campus environment, is lush green, spacious and a pleasure to stroll through during class breaks

Amplify Mindware is situated in BVU’s college of Architecture

Classes generally run the entire length of a day – so be prepared to study, study, study!

Be sure to try out the food at Amplify’s terrace restaurant!

After class you could wander around this college city of Pune, home to thousands of other college students – and therefore a hub of entertainment and excitement

Or head to the library for some research, if you’re the studious kind!

And finally when the day is done….. you can retire to an on campus hostel …. and call it a day!

Peeked your curiosity?

Then check out career options on graduation…..


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Who’s coming to campus?

At this time of year, most graduating students have one single agenda.

Getting that C.V. in order and vying for every campus placement opportunity that comes along…

At such times, it’s reassuring to know if your College can draw big organisations to campus…. and with them, those lucrative salary offers and plush office environments.

Last year, around this time – check out the big guns that arrived at Amplify Mindware, BVU

Let’s not forget that the 2008-09 placement season was calamitous for the entire Indian academic community. Even the IIMs and IITs were not spared. The IT industry put up a “frozen” façade, with few recruiting at all!

Management schools just about remained afloat in such tough competitive circumstances.

Despite the odds – Amplify got home-run after home-run, with companies recruiting Amplify students despite recession. Around 80% placements were done prior to the season ending.

The trick was – Innovation. Here’s the game -plan the institute followed:

  • Focus on Niche -areas : Amplify identified very fast the sectors which were really providing placement opportunities in this tough season (Telecommunications, Insurance, Pharma and KPO), and focused very closely on them, dipping straight into the honey-pots instead of just buzzing around. The result? – Amplify’s technical students were quickly lapped up by these companies!
  • Focus on specific geographical areas: In coordination with Amplify, a leading multinational company created a brand-new special “branch management trainee” scheme under which students were offered a fast-track position to work from their hometowns and grow the company’s business in these areas. Companies find it difficult to get professionally trained personnel to work in small towns – so Amplify provided the students – and it was a win-win situation for all involved!
  • Prep students well: Amplify students undergo a continuously revised, balanced and rigorous program that ensures a thorough understanding of management concepts. Students hone their existing managerial, leadership, team, analytical and interpersonal skills through various ongoing assignments. Workshops on career counseling, business etiquette, group discussions and interview skills, verbal and non-verbal communication skills are a regular feature at Amplify.

So, that’s three reasons more for why Amplify is a good choice if you’re looking to secure a job on graduation!


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Australia calling…..

I’m totally excited!!! In a few days, I’m off to Australiaaaaaaaa!!!!

It’s beaches, babes and lots of sightseeing dude!

or Mate! as they say ….

Oh, and yeah of course – I’ll be finishing up my IT degree as well.

And it was super easy, the college that I’m currently studying with – Amplify Mindware in Pune – has a study abroad programme where their students can opt to  finish their last year in QUT  (Queensland University of Technology) – all credits points transfer and once you’re done with your fourth semester – voila! you graduate with an International Bachelor’s degree  in IT.

Of course, you can stay on and opt for their Master’s programme as well – and yes, they do give their Bachelor students preference! Moreover, you can complete their Master’s degree in a reduced time period of one year only.

Imagine that.

Beaches, babes and an excellent IT course!

So a little more about my  University….

QUT has over 40,000 students, including nearly 5000 international students from more than 100 countries.

cool nah?!

What’s more – QUT ranks amongst top 3 Australian universities in the discipline of Information Technology.

So, dude, what are you waiting for – get going…. and you could be making Australia you’re next home…..!


December 23, 2009 at 6:17 pm 3 comments

Amplify Mindware is on Youtube!

Found this cool Amplify Mindware presentation online!

It has some images of our campus and students, newspaper cuttings and some faculty members as well. It also lists companies that are partnering with the college – and some of the big names are included; Microsoft, Birla, Airtel…. and others!

Check it out!

Amplify Mindware Pvt. Ltd. is leading training institute in Management Degree, Embedded systems degree and many other Professional courses in IT and Management.

Click here to view their website – if you’re interested in some of these courses!!!


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Amplify Mindware is stretching to China

A delegation of Chinese professors and students visited our Campus last week and word on the street is that Amplify Mindware is going to offer courses and training programmes in China!

I’m really exited to see how this arrangement works out, because it would mean that besides Australia and Ireland, I now have the option of a study abroad course in China.

What’s really cool is that our campus is gonna be even more diverse now, with students from three different countires visiting and studying here.

With Asian markets outgrowing their Western competitors – its easy to see why a tie-up with a Chinese University, gives Amplify Mindware students at a slight advantage.

It’s cool anyway you look at it ….

IT courses in China!

Chinese classmates

Multi-regional discussions in the classroom

Can’t wait!!!!


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Did you know? Tech-check!

Did you know?

The top in-demand jobs in 2010

– Did not exist in 2004 

What does that mean?

 Well if you’re a student like me, that means the current career you’re envisioning may not be so ‘hot ‘ by the time you’re done getting a degree for the same. Unless of course, your college actually prepares you for ’emerging’ fields not just existing ones.

So, Which colleges do? you might ask! Check out this link

 Did you know?

  • 1 out of every 8 couples who married last year (U.S.) met on the internet
  •  If Myspace was a country, it would be the 5th largest in the world (200 million users)
  •  There are 31billion Google searches every month. This number was only 2.7 in 2006 (so growth is exponential)

What does that mean? It’s good news for those of you considering a future in the tech-field….. cause it’s growing EXPONENTIALLY.  Check out this link for possible career options….

Did you know?

To reach a market audience of 50 million, it took …

  • 38 years for the Radio industry
  • 13 years for the TV industry
  • 4 years for the Internet industry
  • 3 years for Ipods
  • 2 years for Facebook

What does that mean? If you’re not in the info-tech line, you’re missing out!

Did you know? 

This year 4  exabytes bytes of unique information will be generated ( that is more than the previous 5000 yrs put together)

 What does this mean?

It means – the amount of new tech info is doubling every 2 years … for students starting a 4 year technical degree this means that , half of what they learn in the first year of study will be outdated by their third year of study….

Again, you may wanna choose a degree course, that is not just preparing you for what’s currently existing – but one that’s actually preparing you for what will exist when you graduate….

Don’t know any courses that do this? Check out this link

For more interesting tech trivia check out this video:

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