International accolades for Mr. Sabu Francis

Mr. Sabu Francis is a man of many facets. He brilliantly straddles his passion for poetry with his love for architecture and knowledge in general. An active blogger, music composer and painter in his spare time, Mr. Sabu Francis, Head of the Department of the BSc(IT) and MSc(IT) has a new feather in his cap — the recent acknowledgement for his work by University of Konstanz, Germany, the main developers behind BaseX He developed a module using the powerful, open source native XML database system; BaseX with Rebol (a Scheme type language). This feat once again demonstrates Amplify’s abilities to disseminate knowledge far and wide.

Mr. Sabu Francis started his career with a degree in architecture from IIT Kharagpur. It was here that his interest and research in the area of organization of knowledge began. His curiosity in this subject piqued when he made the discovery on a mathematical representation system for architecture. Soon after he graduated, he discovered a representation system for architecture in 1989. He won the special award for excellence in architectural research from the Journal of the Indian Institute of Architects in 1991 for that work.

On starting his practice, he soon realized that just doing architecture was not enough. He thus began to regard his office as a knowledge workplace and started actively working on theories for organizing knowledge. He began first with his own domain, namely architecture, and was one of the first developers of a new designing system called BIM (Building Information Modeler) which uses an object-oriented system.

Over the past few years, he has been working on organizing knowledge in other domains. In collaboration with his students at Amplify, last year, Mr. Sabu Francis worked on an ERP software that was built from the ground up.

Amplify, according to Mr. Sabu Francis, is a very organized place with efficient systems; it is a well well-oiled machinery where a lot of thought goes behind devising activities that improve the quality of education.

After campus hours, Mr. Sabu Francis spends his time pursuing his various hobbies some of which include, composing music, singing, playing the guitar (bass, lead, rhythm) and drums. He also enjoys painting and sculpting in clay. He writes stories, poetry and non-fiction, to read some of his work click here

His main source of inspiration continues to be the students at Amplify Mindware and the gleam in their eyes. He strongly believes that it is important to demonstrate learning in front of students as they get more inspired when the teacher learns along with them rather than merely instructs them. It is with this spirit of inclusion that he continues to grow and in turn aids the growth of Amplify and its students. We wish him more success in his future projects.



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My life at Amplify!!

I always dreamt of being on a ship, away from home and exploring new places. For realizing my dream, I knew one thing for sure : I have to work hard and I have to get myself an International Business Management degree from a top notch Institute.

In course of my search for institutes offering International Business Management programs, I realized, there are only 12 institutes in India who offer such a course. After screening through various institutes, Amplify Mindware seemed to grab my attention. One of the reasons why I found Amplify as the most suitable option, was on account of its association with Bharati Vidyapeeth, which according to me, is a brand by itself. Also, Amplify seemed to provide a balanced mix of education as well extra curricular activities, which I felt would be an asset for me . I made an application to Amplify, and soon after, I received their e- mail, confirming my admission, based on my MAT score. I was was highly thrilled at securing this opportunity

Soon after joining Amplify, I developed a liking for its friendly atmosphere. One of the best things at Amplify were its various round-the-year events. Cultural events, quiz sessions, industry visits, participation in various national and international programmes……..all were fun at Amplify. Also I found that be it colleagues or room mates or be it faculty members or the canteen staff….we are all one big family..

Apart from this, I loved to be a part of the various competitions held at Amplify. I was a part of the National Presentation Competition, where we (Amplify students) stood fifth! It was a great exposure for me. The competitive experience was simply amazing!! I got to learn various things like how to present oneself and how to compete in a positive manner. These two things actually helped me to build my confidence which I proudly flaunt today. With a chance of participating in these events , one tends to leave behind ones introvert image and that is exactly what happened with me. Today I am a more confident person than before. All thanks to Amplify!!

As far as the faculty in concerned, I believe that they play the most important part in shaping one’s career. I just adore and love them all. I won’t be biased as to who is my favorite teacher because I think that all my professors are equally responsible for my growth and in making me more knowledgeable. I highly respect them all and think that Amplify faculty is incomparable!!

Wish to be a part of Amplify??

(Based on an interview with Kedar Gosavi, candidate for PGD International Business Management, Amplify DITM)


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An Amplifying Experience!!

With an honor’s degree in political science and substantial work experience to my credit, I had a plethora of options for pursuing my higher education. However my heart was already set on Amplify. I had visited the Amplify campus on an earlier occasion and had been impressed by the Institute…. from the size of the campus and the appealing architecture of the Institute to its residential accommodation, lecture halls and even the college canteen! In my mind’s eye, I could see that this is the place where I belonged.

When I was doing my graduation from Delhi. I used to hear people say that Pune is the “Oxford” of India. I used to find this hard to believe. I always thought of Pune as a large industrial city with all auto majors having their manufacturing units here…closer to being a “Detroit” than an “Oxford”! Yet, when I look back, I now realize how apt this tag of “Oxford” fits Pune. It is indeed a centre for learning, where numerous academic institutions create a kind of knowledge eco-system.

Amplify has a highly distinguished faculty and one big value-add that the Amplify faculty create for the students, besides conducting lectures, is finding opportunities for the students to participate in real-life scenarios…to experience and implement what they learn in the classroom. Take the example of our Institute Principal who taught us the basics of hotel management. As part of the curriculum, he asked to take up the college canteen as a project and apply our academic learning to improve the college canteen! So simple and yet so relevant. Our faculty would spend hours with us looking at our project work, guiding us on areas of improvement and teaching us value systems and work-life philosophy…..something that is so much more important than just bookish “gyaan”. You almost feel that the faculty is like an extended part of your family and that they really care for you .

What one learns outside the classroom is as important as what one learns in the classroom. At Amplify I got ample opportunities for both. I believe that, sometimes when you get into a fiercely competitive institute, you end up spending most of your time in the rat-race and perhaps learn only what gets taught in the classroom. But when you come to a place like Amplify, you have an opportunity for 360 degree self-development. I had the opportunity to participate in all kinds of college festivals, competitions, programs and other extracurricular activities. I got a chance to organize the HR conclave (attended by luminaries such as Kiran Bedi (IPS), Lila Poonwala (Alpha-Laval) and K.C. Chhabria (Finolex) and then of course the opportunity to re-create the college canteen I mentioedn earlier.

I felt that my experience at Amplify helped me to grow in many ways. I feel lucky to have been a part of BVP’s Amplify Post-Graduate course in Human Resources. And believe it has helped me prepare well for the challenges of life ahead.

Click here if you wish to be a part of Amplify..

(Based on an interview with Neeta Handa, Candidate for PGD Human Resources, Amplify DITM)


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Importance of Post Graduation!

The first thing that one needs to realize while enrolling in a Post Graduate course, is that it’s a Professional Degree, and not an Academic one. When you begin to contemplate your Post Graduation, keep the following in mind:

  • ‘PG helps you get better packages, and easier promotions’

A Post Graduation gives you the much needed educational experience required for those great positions you dream of. If you don’t wish to start your career at the lowest rung, and have the backing to get your Post Graduation – it is a must!

  • ‘PG adds value to your first degree and makes it easier to find your first job’

Your Post Graduation is not just any additional degree – it adds value to your portfolio of knowledge, in turn ensuring that a wider range of jobs are available to you!

  • ‘PG helps you broaden your horizons and makes more effective at work’

Post Graduation gives you maturity and depth. It also teaches you to be an effective and well balanced person, in turn broadening your scope as an employee.

  • ‘PG gives you the confidence needed to survive corporate level competition’

Freshers tend to get intimidated and uncomfortable with the pressure of corporate life. Starting a career with an inferiority complex, could be a major disadvantage in the future. Post Graduation gives you the time, and the confidence to grow in a stable manner – which automatically boosts your morale.

    Hoping you see the value and importance of a Post Graduate Degree!! All the Best!!


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    Graduation caps fly in the air!!

    Joyfully tossing the graduation caps in the air, ex-students of Amplify Mindware made the most of their convocation day! The lanes of the Campus were filled with joy and laughter; every student seemed to be enthused about the ceremony. The maroon colored robes and caps stood out from the rest of the crowd.  The bright, almost gaudy color suited the mood of the occasion perfectly.

    Where are you working? What’s your designation like? These were the typical questions that Amplify students asked their recently graduated friends. Almost all ex-students had bagged good jobs in leading companies in India. Professors of the graduating class were seen praising their students with pride.

    After the ceremony, students had mixed emotions – some had tears of joy and happiness, from meeting their friends and the reality of being a graduate. On the other hand, some had tears of sadness rolling down their cheeks, from missing the strong attachments and bonding they had built up over the years at Amplify!!

    Here is a video of an ex-student, Milli Bhaumick who studied Telecom Management. She shares with us the entire journey and the experiences of being at AMPLIFY MINDWARE.

    Video: Milli Bhaumick.


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    Placements at Amplify!!

    Year 2009 saw 253 job offers made to the passing out students. Despite the dipping of the stock markets, year 2010 saw a turnaround in the industry but intake of fresh talent into companies was almost at a standstill. Yet, our students received around 800 job offers. Below is the distribution of the categories of organizations who have visited Amplify so far this year.

    2009 – 253 job offers made
    2010 – 800 job offers made to 200 students

    Amplify Mindware views placement as a critical index of its success. It is one of the few institutes that is committed to assuring employability through education.

    • At Amplify you find that the emphasis is more on choice of jobs rather than getting selected by just any company. What matters to Amplify is the satisfaction of their students. Amplify has brought in new techniques to reach out to various recruiters such as through tie ups and by setting up employment forums for their students.
    • In close cooperation with Amplify, a leading multinational company created a brand-new special “branch management trainee” scheme under which students were offered a fast-track position to work from their hometowns and grow the company’s business in those territories faster. Companies find it difficult to get professionally trained personnel to work at B-class towns. Cost of living for students would be minimal and their productivity would be maximum thanks to their knowledge of local customs and territories as well as their local contacts. And of course their efforts are boosted by the management education they receive at Amplify.
    • Students whet their existing managerial, leadership, team, analytical and interpersonal skills by taking assignments and corporate interaction at Amplify Mindware. Workshops on career counseling, business etiquette, group discussions and interview skills, verbal and non-verbal communication skills are regular features at Amplify.
    • Amplify saw the damage done by the standard placement rule at most campuses: Once a student gets an offer, he/she would be barred from appearing for other companies coming to campus. This rule results in students not attending interviews with companies coming early to campus – instead they would wait for their “dream job”. When such a company with a so-called dream job did not come, they would lose out on placement.. Amplify students were therefore encouraged to take up the first reasonable opportunity that came up and keep it as a backup to be used if the “dream job” did not materialize. This strategy proved to be a solid success as it pleased the companies and gave the students a safety net as well.

    So all you guys out there thinking that till we are in the learning process, everything seems to be fine, but what after that?? Here is the answer to all. You just have to be a part of Amplify Mindware and get tunneled towards your dream job!!!


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    Embedded System Careers: How lucrative are they?

    How lucrative a career choice is Embedded Systems???

    Let’s find out…

    Today, for anybody entering the field of software, it makes great sense to choose a career in embedded systems as there is no dearth of opportunities. It also gives immense intellectual satisfaction to work on the development of embedded systems because you work with the core of the system very near to the hardware without any barriers. The systems that you build touch the common man’s life. You write software to control appliances like washers, dryers, refrigerators and cars. But, you can also work on higher-end systems that control robots,  move huge machines and automated factories.

    The Embedded systems field is poised for huge growth worldwide. In the consumer segment alone there are 2 billion embedded devices expected to hit the market every year. This provides a huge opportunity to various organizations to come up with new and innovative embedded products.

    Companies like Bosch, Siemens-VDO and Delphi are leading names in Automotive Electronics – which is the discipline dealing with  embedded systems for vehicles. Similarly, companies like General Electric, ABB and Siemens are engaged in building systems for industrial automation and process control which use embedded systems. These companies also build embedded systems which control railway signals, car assembly lines, mills, petrochemical plants, bottling plants, pharmaceutical factories – the list goes on and on.

    Defense services use embedded systems in guided missiles and for detecting incoming enemy missiles and aircraft. In Medical Electronics, embedded systems are used in monitors, scanners, radiology machines used for chemotherapy, diagnostic equipments and critical systems like pacemakers, ventilators and incubators. Thus embedded systems cover a broad range of products.

    The international markets for product development in embedded systems alone comes to about $ 75 billion(Rs.4 lakh crores). Meeting this high demand requires highly trained and competent professionals. Organizations like :

    – have invested substantial amounts in product development and R & D. Training and Development of skilled personnel in this area have become one of the crucial challenges for Indian policy makers.

    So how do you go about getting trained for such a lucrative career opportunity? Read on….


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